Is left brain thinking restricting your ‘aero’ business’s growth?

March 31, 2015

The brain is without doubt the most complex and enigmatic organ in the human body.

However, one aspect of the brain that has been clearly identified is the division into left and right hemispheres… with each side having its own unique way of ‘seeing’ the world.

While we use both sides to make decisions, for most people one side tends to be more dominant than the other. This relatively small, but important distinction, can have a major impact on how we think, operate and how we make decisions.

The left side of the brain controls our more rational behavior like reasoning, organization, and logic. It is associated with a more structural and systematic approach… while the right side of the brain focuses on issues of a more emotional, intuitive and creative nature.

It is the right side where ‘brand values’ such as integrity, trust and loyalty are recognized, and where brand ‘preference’ judgments tend to be made. This is bourn out by the evidence that companies whose customers have an emotional connection with their brand are generally more successful and are often able to charge a premium for their products and services. To prove a point, some 70% of corporate value is in intangible assets of which brand is a major value generator. It is also why the statement ‘No one ever got fired for choosing IBM’ became so famous.

While engineering processes clearly require both left and right brain thinking, it is popularly believed that engineers and similarly technically minded people tend to be more ‘left brain’ types… and that ‘left brain’ thinkers don’t naturally recognize the importance of  ‘brand’ in creating differentiation and adding value.  

I am not sure how many of the ‘aero’ industry CEOs fit into this category, but I would hazard a guess that it is more than few. If they are of the ‘left brain’ type, it could be that that they haven’t yet realized the power of brand and how the real value of their corporate name and reputation can be leveraged.

In spite of the current buoyant commercial aviation markets, aerospace and aviation generally remains a highly competitive business where margins are tight. There are of course exceptions, such as manufacturing businesses that have strong intellectual property, operate in niche markets or have a special process that differentiates them, but for most players increasing volume and margin and adding corporate value is a tough ask. For those who choose not to leverage one of their greatest assets, their name and reputation, it may stay that way.

The argument for creating a strong brand is well known and based on compelling evidence, so make a rational, logical, left brain decision and explore how a thoroughly right brain brand idea could help your business grow.

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Chris Harvey - Director And Co-founder Posted by: Chris Harvey - Director And Co-founder