“Chris’s strategic and creative insights and David’s commercial and market appreciation were essential in the development of a powerful brand strategy and clear direction for marketing and business strategies.I would recommend them to anyone considering a strategic review.”

- Andrew Todhunter, CEO and President, Kapco Global

Kapco Global & Avio Diepen: All Together. Better

Octant’s work with global aerospace parts distributor Kapco Global has spanned 4 years.  Kapco recognised that change was necessary to address new market dynamics and to continue its impressive growth in an increasingly competitive, homogenous and transactional global market.

Octant conducted global customer and market research to establish a clear, fact-based and independent assessment of the competitive arena, customer perceptions and needs.

New business and brand strategies were developed with the senior team, to define a clear and differentiating market positioning, a more compelling value proposition and brand values, all designed to create competitive advantage.

Kapco continued its impressive growth, acquiring Avio Diepen in 2016 to become the world’s largest independent aerospace parts distributor.

Now with significantly enhanced scale, reach and capabilities, another rethink was required to assess how the new combined companies could re-position for continued success and maximise new opportunities.

Octant was once more engaged to conduct research and develop a new strategy, which importantly helped with the internal integration process as well as continuing to create differentiation and build competitive advantage in the global market.

An updated brand strategy and values were developed in conjunction with leadership teams on both sides of the Atlantic, to unite the much larger multi-cultural global workforce behind a new vision and purpose.

To send a clear signal of change and new ambition to the market, Octant also recommended a new name and identity.  In 2017 the company rebranded as “Proponent”, a name that reflects the company’s commitment to championing a new and different distribution experience.  

Watch the launch video for the combined company's new brand values below:

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