"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark".


- Michelangelo

What we do?

From a simple workshop to explore opportunities and gain fresh insight and new ideas…. to far-reaching strategic development work to help you breath new life into your business

No two organisations are alike and our services come in many shapes and sizes to suit.

At it’s simplest, clients use Octant to help bring a new perspective into ad-hoc workshops that will question, challenge, stimulate thought and explore new possibilities.

At it’s most complex, we will look in depth at a client’s market, how the business is positioned and what a winning value proposition requires, now and in future. Depending on client needs, we may then engage in more detailed brand strategy work exploring how the business can stand out from its competitors, create a real competitive edge and build excellent long-term value. 

We also work as ‘trusted advisor’, keeping a watching eye as clients’ strategies and marketing campaigns unfold.

Some typical challenges clients approach us with

  • Our business is not performing well and we would like a new independent perspective on how our value proposition compares with our competitors.  
  • Competition is fierce, our market share is shrinking and we’re struggling to differentiate other than via price. We need to find a more sustainable way to stand-out from the crowd.
  • We’re performing well but lack our old competitive edge and sparkle. We need new insight and fresh ideas to underpin new strategies.  
  • I have a very clear vision of where my business needs to be, but many people around me just ‘don’t get it’ and I now need help to me bring my vision to life.
  • We’re bringing an exciting new product to market and long-term success will depend on first mover advantage. We need help to understand best options and develop a robust plan.

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