The Ultimate Paris Air Show Roundup

June 15, 2015

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The international Paris Air Show is now upon us.  The largest trade show from aviation and aerospace starts on the 15th and runs until the 21st of June. We have scoured the news and brought together a comprehensive run down on predictions and opinions from around the net.

It is the biggest trade show of it’s kind, the big daddy of them all, and the 51st Paris International Air Show looks like it aims to please.  People from all around the world will be flocking to LeBourget to get a glimpse of the latest trends and innovation from the aviation and aerospace sectors.  


Keeping Everyone Connected

CNN has reported that generally the trends that we will see at the show will be in technology. We live in a world where everyone has a smartphone, is constantly connected, and want to stay that way. Passengers are yearning for constant connections, and airlines are looking for ways to fill the need.  Chris Jones from CNN noted, ‘Plans to roll out further "connected routes," especially on long haul flights, will certainly be on the agenda in Paris...The notion of the connected flier brings with it a new technological trend: the integration of connected devices with the aircraft itself. This could be through phone or tablet apps that allow passengers to order food and drink, control inflight entertainment and adjust the lighting around their seat.’  


FT Predicts A Big Yawn, WSJ Shows Solid First Day Movement

Unlike CNN, the Financial Times sadly gives the show a big yawn stating ‘There will be no new product launches from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier or Embraer, which have done all they are going to for the time being.’

That may be a bit harsh from the FT news desks, but the the Wall Street Journal gives a more cheerful perspective with an opening day review:  Airbus, Boeing Open Paris Air Show Order Bonanza. WSJ noted, ‘Airbus Group SE and Boeing Co. kicked off the Paris Air Show on Monday as they combined to win more than 200 jetliner orders before midday.’  That is positive movement on the first half day of play.  


The Fight of The Big Boys:  Boeing v. Airbus

The Associated Press and the BBC have shed light on the rivalry of Boeing and Airbus.  The AP said, 'Airbus is betting on big jets as the future of aviation, while rival Boeing is gambling on smaller ones — but both are hoping to sell hundreds of planes of all sizes at the Paris Air Show starting Monday to bolster balance sheets and meet growing demand.’  It will be a fun battle to watch, and see who comes out as the winner of this years show.


Jobs.  And Lots of Them.  

There is more to aviation than shiny new interiors, drone technology, and staying connected to the internet.  The aviation industry is booming, and with a boom comes the creation of jobs.  French President Francois Hollande said at the opening ceremony that 'The aviation sector created 10,000 jobs last year, we have hopes to create nearly as many in 2015'   This is a positive move for not just for the aviation sector, but for all companies connected.  


The Bottom Line.

The Paris Air Show is always a flurry of activity, new developments in the sector, and more importantly, high level business.  The 51st installment will certainly be a buzz, and a week to watch. Keep an eye out for our Final Round Up assessment coming at the end of the show.


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