“Chris Harvey is always worth talking to and I would recommend him to any business. I have worked with him on a variety of projects at a number of companies with a great deal of success. He impresses from senior boards down with his research, analysis and creative thinking. While he has helped my companies win many awards his motivation is to benefit the bottom line. “

- Philip Prince. Marketing Director Capita Plc

Constructionline: True Accreditation

Constructionline was owned by the UK Government department (BIS) and operated by Capita. As a ‘register’ of construction industry suppliers, it was often misunderstood and under-valued by subscribing suppliers. Following market research we repositioned the business as a UK Government-owned ‘accreditation service’ that made pre-qualification simpler and easier. This repositioning and a rebrand led to a complete change in market perceptions. Sales and value perceptions grew significantly, which encouraged Capita, its commercial operator, to purchase the service from the UK Government in 2015 for £35m.

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